Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a Landscape Contractor/Lawn Care Company or other service provider for my property?

This question tends to make some people anxious as well as bring a high level of stress to fellow greens industry folks. I really think the answer can be found in the following steps listed below.

1. Does the Company you work with have Certified Technicians or degreed in the field of their work?

2. Does the Company want to work with have proper insurance/worker compensation/polite employees act in a professional manner/return your phone calls/do they belong to any professional organizations//do they have a website?

3. Does the Company have know how at what you need? If so prove it with a list of clients and property's.

4. Does the Company you choose have a website/are they known for quality or poor workmanship?

5. If you only choose your landscape/lawn contractor based on price and price alone, you get what you paid for and your end result will be less than acceptable.

6. Does the Company you choose to work with want to establish a longterm relationship with you, or do they just want to do the job get paid and never offer any service follow up. Ask them how good are you at diagnostic work with plant issues? Ask them what is the longest relationship you have ever had with your client?

7. Does the Company charge for their expertise? Company's that do are good and what they do not have time for free designs or advice. The green's professionals is a profession that requires a high level of expertise and knowledge and their expertise is in high demand. Ask them how do make they make choices for your landscape? Hard question to answer if you don't know what's the best for your customer longterm.

What can I do to save money and keep my landscape looking nice?

Answer: The worst thing you can do is do nothing to your property, 10-20% of your properties value is directly related to the outward appearance of your property. If you can't or think you can't afford professional lawn and landscape service, you should build a on going relationship with a local own and operated lawn/landscape/garden center much as you have a relationship with your family member or professional in your life. Realize gardening and care of your property can be rewarding but, you will have success's and failures.

What areas do you service?

Answer: We provide weekly service to all of Lackawanna and Luzerne County's Non weekly jobs such as aeration, dethatching, landscaping etc are provided in an expanded area to Monroe, Susquehanna, Wayne, Pick, and Wyoming County's. However we will delivery firewood outside of these areas anywhere in NEPA.

Question: Are you licensed and insured?

Answer: Yes we are both licensed and insured for $1,000,000 general liability for your piece of mind.

Question: Do I have to be home when you service my yard?

Answer: No. We know how busy your schedule can be. If it's not work, it's going somewhere to drop off the kids, shopping etc... Since we only need access the lawn and yard, it is not necessary for you to be home. When we are finished maintaining your yard, we will leave your invoice on your door. In the event that you have a fenced and locked back yard with a pet, we ask that you leave the gate unlocked or leave a key (or gate code) and keep the pet indoors or secured in a kennel. We also ask that you clean up any pet waste in order to help keep your lawn looking it's best and to keep our equipment sanitary for the next lawn.

Question: I water my lawn about 15 - 20 minutes every day around sunset. Is that enough water at the right time?

Answer: This is a good time to clear up this misconception. It is better to water your lawn 2 times a week, but water enough to soak the ground down about 6 inches. This guarantees your lawn's roots are getting enough water, encouraging good root growth. Always water in the early mornings. 25 minutes per section or zone is plenty. Watering during the day is not efficient as the sun will evaporate some water before it soaks in. Evening is a poor time water because the water left standing on grass blades overnight encourages the growth of diseases. However, the best time to water is when you have time to do it...water in the evening or day is better than no water at all. After seeding, it is best to water daily for 14 days to promote germination. Don't have an automatic sprinkler system or time to move your hoses around in the mornings? Ask us about our watering services. Please do not water on the day of the week your lawn gets mowed.

Question: Is mulching grass clippings better for my lawn? And do you mulch grass clippings or bag them?

Answer: Mulching mowers are becoming more popular as communities are putting more restrictions on collecting yard waste. Using a mulching mower is actually beneficial to the lawn as the clippings decompose and add nutrients back to the soil. In addition, the "mulched" clippings decompose faster and won't lay on the lawn, preventing the grass from getting oxygen and sunlight. For better results, we do not mow off more than one-third of the grass blade at one cutting. If you allow grass to grow too much, mulching is not recommended and it will be necessary to bag and remove the clippings. Leaving too much clipping on the grass will smother it causing damage. We at Scranton Landscaping, mulch grass clippings, however when grass is too long to mulch...we will bag the clippings for a small fee.

Question: How do I pay my bill?

Answer: There are several options to pay your bill...please select the option most convenient for you:

Mail a check after each application.

Pay electronically via your banks BILL PAY feature, simple add Scranton Landscaping LLC, as a vendor and pay invoices directly from your checking account without writing a check or wasting a stamp. (you can even set up recurring payments automatically)

Pay by cash or by check in person after service is complete or just leave a check in a safe spot for pick up when service is complete. (please let us know the safe spot of your choice)

Prepay for the entire year and save 5%

Pay by Credit Card via are website (small processing fee applies)

Question: Do you take care of my yard the same day each week?

Answer: We keep a planned schedule for each yard, however the schedule is sometimes altered due to rain and inclement weather. If the rain is too heavy to service your yard, it will be serviced the next day after the rain stops. Also if you are hosting an event/party at your home and would like the service date bumped a couple days, please let us know and we will be sure to accommodate your schedule. Visit our "Schedule" page to view your yards scheduled visits.

Question: Do you have a referral program?

Answer: Yes! We appreciate referrals, and to show it we offer you a FREE CUT (up to 10,000 sq ft) for every referral you send us that signs an annual maintenance agreement!

*Note: Scranton Landscaping LLC, is not responsible for any damage to improperly buried utility/cable wires or toys or other items hidden in the lawn. Please make sure your cable wires are buried at least 3 inches deep. Please pick up any toys, garden hoses, or dog waste prior to your lawn service. Dog waste that is not picked up will incur a small cleaning fee of $3 per pile.